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Subject: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?
Sender: my 3 cents
Date: 2018-01-11 10:04:34
If you think Indians/Students/visa holders are hurting the US economy, you have no idea of economics, So I would suggest you stop worrying about the economy. To give you an idea, the GDP of the US is around 18 Trillion USD. The main cause for any country's GDP expansion is trade with other countries(import/export) and trade within the country(domestic). America is in trade deficit of about 5 Trillion USD (could be more) with China, this is for each year. That means $5 Trillion is flowing out of the US every year to china alone. About $1 Trillion is the annual military spending, similar amount of money goes out as free money to their citizens in the name of social security, disability and other federal grants. I don't think the total amount of money being paid as salaries to the students working in convenience stores/gas stations would go beyond $100 million per year. I hope that helps.
If you mean you are concerned about the jobs of US citizens, let me tell you, US is more socialistic than India, there are so many federal schemes that help people and a lot of citizens know how to receive it. Many of the citizens don't want to work, they don't want education(Higher Education is ridiculously expensive but lets keep that topic aside for now), they just want to enjoy.(I was referring to potential minimum wage workers because the IT professionals may not get ideal jobs(due to reduced demand caused by foreign workers) but they land decent jobs. Apart from IT, there is a bias against foreigners, so its very easy for the US citizens to find a job in law, finance, fashion and all other high paying jobs.
So, take it easy, if things don't change in these aspects, this country is going down for sure. Let me reiterate, H1B is the least of their issues, its just a political drama.
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