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Subject: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?
Sender: my 3 cents
Date: 2018-01-11 13:08:34
P, stop being a Hitler. Indians were the greatest, are greatest, will be the greatest. You have a wrong notion that following rules alone makes a country great, you are wrong, please check history as how the US or British plundered other countries to become what they are today. If you were right, germany or japan would be richest economies but they aren't. Yes rules are important, we follow most rules, its the silly things that we override (if you don't believe me, answer this, what is the percentage of Indians in US prison or getting deported). We are the least involved in crime compared to any other community here in the US, we respect law the most, we are peace lovers, we a are not psychos, we are the community with highest average salary in the US. We have our strengths and weakness. If you hate being an Indian, go get a different citizenship. Stop generalizing us. Jai hind.
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