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Subject: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?
Sender: I am on h1b
Date: 2018-01-11 16:19:19
1) to MY 3 cents: copying answer from Quora wont suffice that the amount of
destroy these students are are doing, may be USA economy in trillions, every penny has its own reason of spending.
H1B's are not real threat to USA, as we have to undergo several regress stress to come to this position.
H1B's struggle alot to come to USA, i myself put several years of waiting for getting work Visa worked for
same client in hope of this one day,
and more over only 60K h1b's are permitted every where,but students are almost 2 lakhs every year and keep increasing
and they are eligible on OPT to work, SO do you ever heard this 2 lakh opt people got joined as fresher out of
campus? and lot of educational institutes dont have campus placement at all, almost 1lakh,60 thousand are job less
so they got hired by desi consultants, because they can work for next 3 years, none of them I repeat none of them
have any penny experience in jobs rather than those working in motels,hotels or restaurant bar tenders,
So lets take 1 batch is out and they are doing jobs on OPT, these people dont have experience or skillset
just hire some middle person to clear the interviews and to do their job, so next day morning they can copy paste
that they are doing the work, and there are other 2 batches sitting in university, as per law except
in campus they are not suppose to do any where else work and that too certain hours in a week, these 2 batches
are approxiamately 4 lakh students, out of which 3lakh 99000 will do part times and mexicans who considered as
cheap labour charge 8$ hours ( recent wages increased to 11$ in most of states, this students beat those
mexicans and ready to work for 6$).
Indian Students in U.S. for 2015 132,888, for 2016- 165,918 24.9% increase.
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