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Subject: Re: Re: Re: What's happening to our USA?
Sender: pity h1b
Date: 2018-01-11 17:46:54
32K for less than 2 years for masters !! and also we get calls for 25$, we do that because we need experience !! again we are building up in this country unlike you stealing opportunity from another citizen !! you people are bought to US as Intended labors !! we came here with choice !! we are forward thinking unlike you guys !! I seen h1B who come onsite !! i pity you guys, working 2 shifts morning work for client and in night work with indian team... work like slave and all that work and get paid the minimum !! dont come here !! haha!! I seen a H1b work on weekends and in evening too, students work because they need money !! you guys have jobs still work because you dont know when the client may pull the plug on the project !! haha
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