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Subject: Re: One vs two kids
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Date: 2019-08-28 10:22:13
I am a mom of 2. My elder one is 6 and baby is just 4 months. We also decided to hv 1 child so never tried for second. Although my kid always wanted and asked for a sibling to play with.

But suddenly i lost my father whom i was closest to and inspite of having everyone in my life, i was all alone. Till today i feel all alone. That made me realize that after me and my husband, my kid is going to be all alone and trust me, thats the worst feeling.

Now we are more than happy with a baby and re living our kid's childhood again. Parents cannot stay forever. Two is always better. My kid is crazy for the baby and is always happy. Hope it helps.

As for finances, its a saying at our place that aanewala apni kismat saath lata hai so dont worry.
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