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Education -New York/New Jersey   Mutthu   08/08/2017 01:34 PM  
Hi Friends

I am moving with family to New Jersey from Bangalore in Sept.
I have two Kids ( 4 Years and 4.5 Years old ).

My Job Location is : Livingston, NJ 07039

I heard that education is free in US/New Jersey for child above 4 Years.

I have two queries :

Query 1 : Where should I take apartment on rent so that office transportation should be convenient.

Query 2 : Is education Free in Jersey City ? If yes, Which school shall i select.

Re: Education -New York/New Jersey   frnd   08/08/2017 01:53 PM  
You must have a point of contact in your office. Best you can check with them. If he/ she not able to help you ask him/her to refer someone who have school going kids. They better know which school dist is good and where you should take apartment. You can also openly discuss your financial matter.
Open forum like this can give you some generic idea not in detail. Here in US every state is different. So dont take your decision according to this. Come here, talk to local people or friends and then take decision.

Re: Education -New York/New Jersey   Desi   08/08/2017 01:56 PM  
Seeing first time two kids 4 months apart -4 Years and 4.5 Years old

Re: Re: Education -New York/New Jersey   Why   08/08/2017 02:08 PM  
good eye.

Re: Re: Education -New York/New Jersey   kk   08/08/2017 02:15 PM  
Ultimate joke..

Re: Re: Re: Education -New York/New Jersey   frnd   08/08/2017 02:34 PM  
Maybe one is adopted. no jokes on personal stuff.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Education -New York/New Jersey   kk   08/08/2017 02:41 PM  
Agrees. If someone feels offended... I would say sorry.

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