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Enquiry regarding B1 transit visa   Desi   08/12/2017 07:27 PM  
My cousin has come from India on B1 visa n after one day he was expected to fly to other country next day but due to some reason he couldn't fly if he can stay here for one day he has visa for ten years but got date for tomm on I 94.pls reply

Re: Enquiry regarding B1 transit visa   E   08/12/2017 07:44 PM  
as far as I know, he has to leave by the end date given on I-94.. 10 years validity allows person to fly to immigration point upto 10 years however immigration officer decides how long person can stay.. whatever date is there on i-94, that's the approved stay.. he should leave by the date on i-94 to avoid future entry issues.

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