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Food aversions   Desi   10/09/2017 02:49 PM  
Hi, I am in my first trimester around 10 weeks pregnant. I want to know how long does food aversion last?
I don’t feel like eating anything and hate cooking smell. I am just trying fill with something but I hardly take any protein rich food, can’t eat meat from 3 weeks
Just want to know how many days it will take for this aversions? When can I have food normally?

Thank you

Re: Food aversions   Desi   10/09/2017 03:08 PM  
After 12 weeks u feel much better 99 percent will feel better after 12 weeks

Re: Re: Food aversions   All the Best   10/10/2017 08:50 PM  
Hi congratulations on ur pregnancy...sometimes heridity plays a role too for aversions check wd ur mom about her aversions..usually till16 weeks to 18 weeks it may last..for some people it starts at 5th month and last for a month or 2if u r unable to intake anything then u must check with your gynec she may suggest you some tips..actually smelling cardamom keeps aversions little bit away but theb again none proved..

Re: Re: Re: Food aversions   Desi   10/10/2017 11:43 PM  
Thank you so much for your inputs. I did check with my gynecologist, she asked me to try my best. Actually I had 2 visits after I confirmed, both the times different docs suggested me the same thing, to try! And they said it will get better after few. But I am so worried, even if I try am not able to take anything rich, I take half the meal I used to take normally, that too no meat/protein. That’s why I wanted to take suggestions here!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Food aversions   D   10/11/2017 07:51 AM  
As long as u r taking prenatal vitamin tab u r good to go till aversion subside dont stress too much on diet ur baby will depnd on the reserves that already present body if u r hungry dont feel that baby might b hungry too most of the proteins vitamins nutrients ur baby get from the reserves in ur body. once aversion subsides u can hv as good food as possible meanwhile try diff fruits or flavored yogurt etc sweety dont stress too much we ve been thru this phase ttust me everythn will come back to normal...Be happy...Happy mommy Happy Baby

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Food aversions   Aversions   10/11/2017 08:01 AM  
Dont worry on ur food if possible after everythn is normal try to take meat it will help as a protein intake..dont stress too much aversions are very common i know its frustrating cos we will b hungry yet cant eat anythn also its worrying that baby might be low on nutrients but DO NOT WORRY for baby. Take prenatal and make sure u r not low on iron.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Food aversions   Desi   10/12/2017 12:46 AM  
Aww thank you so much for the tips. Yes you guessed it right, I was taking stress about my food intake a lot, and was thinking about baby’s growth. I guess will just wait until All is well

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