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Paid Sick Leave   CTrookie   10/11/2017 03:42 PM  
Does CT law allow the temporary(Contractor) employee to be paid for sick time off. If yes, can you provide the link to the legal document

Re: Paid Sick Leave   l   10/11/2017 07:00 PM  
There's no point of posting anything like that over here. Even if somebody does reply you, you have no way of checking if he is right or not. The best way to get any information on matters like these is to call Department of Labor. If you don't want to disclose your identity, let them know, they will keep it anonymous. But there is NO ONE over here that can give you as authentic information as DOL.

Connecticut Department of Labor, Wethersfield
Phone: (860) 263-6000

Re: Re: Paid Sick Leave   Desi   10/11/2017 09:10 PM  
If salaried full time position yes. If paid by the hour and temporary employee, there is no rule that they have to provide you with paid leave, vacation time, health insurance. The only thing required by law is a break time of atleast 2 15minutes each shift.

This is from my HR when we were recently briefed. Hope it helps.

Re: Re: Re: Paid Sick Leave   CTrookie   10/12/2017 10:41 AM  
Thank you guys.

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