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Job Opportunity   Axar   08/23/2019 11:29 AM  
Hello. Looking for 2 people who can work night shift at the motel in Bridgeport. Please contact at 6174599424 ASAP.

Thank you.

Re: Job Opportunity   Desi   08/23/2019 11:26 PM  
How much will you able to pay per hour?

Re: Re: Job Opportunity   desi   08/24/2019 08:52 AM  
6$ per hour..!! you have to manage the front desk, seep, vaccum the room, do the laundry, clean bathrooms and seep the common area like walkways,etc.. little accounting and other activities as needed.basically you will be a cheap labor.

Re: Re: Re: Job Opportunity   sick   08/24/2019 10:18 AM  
no wonder why you do not get any one ! Do you know what is the minimum wage act? and that too you need night shift !!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Job Opportunity   desi   08/24/2019 10:32 AM  
bhag bhsadi ke

Re: Job Opportunity   desi1   08/24/2019 02:01 PM  
Your contact information has been shared with department of labor. You will soon be contacted by law enforcement agency.
Hope you get good treatment for all exploitation.

Re: Job Opportunity   Axar   08/24/2019 02:24 PM  
Sorry I forgot to mention that beside all task sometimes you have to entertain the guest in whatever manner they like

Re: Re: Re: Job Opportunity   desi desi   08/25/2019 09:41 AM  
Idiot it is not 1990. Saale

Re: Re: Re: Re: Job Opportunity   Axar   08/25/2019 07:01 PM  
And bend down in front of me

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