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investment   rahul   05/18/2017 07:18 PM  
which is the best investment plan in india?

Re: investment   Desi   05/19/2017 10:15 AM  
Your family /parents

Re: Re: investment   wahre   05/19/2017 10:31 AM  
wah bhai wah - kya jawab diya bhai desi !!!

Re: investment   urs   05/19/2017 10:33 AM  
If there was a 'best' plan won't everyone just use that and nothing else? Why would people use other plans that are not 'best'. There are cjoices and based on your situation one plan may be better than the other - but there is no magic 'best' plan.

Re: investment   kumar   05/19/2017 11:06 AM  
Dont invest in ULIP schemes they take 20% straight away. Better invest in real estate/land/ rental income, or FD until you find a nice property on deal

Re: Re: investment   desi   05/19/2017 02:41 PM  
Don't invest property in India. Gone are the days for property investment in India. Also rental income is not good. I myself have two flats / apartments and its really pain in ass to manage them. Rental rates are not good. If you buy a 2 bhk it will easily cost 70+ L and max it will give u is 15-20 K per month that will also not remain occupied, broker will eat 1 month of rent per year. Also property rates are not appreciating in india now, infact it is coming down now.

Suggest you to invest in good MF with SIP (systematic investment plan). Sundaram MF, Principal MF and Mirae are good. I am investing in these three funds since last 1 year and lowest to max returns over a year are 18-24 % .

Do some homework and check the best funds on moneycontrol. There are several funds in which NRI can invest.

Best of luck

Re: Re: Re: investment   Well wisher   05/19/2017 03:42 PM  
Agree!!.that was the best reply ever..and its the truth. No better investment than family and parents

Re: Re: investment   Wov   05/19/2017 04:36 PM  
Amazing response

Re: Re: Re: investment   Rahul   05/19/2017 08:00 PM  
Thanks for your info

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