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One vs two kids   Kids   08/24/2019 04:20 PM  
I have a 4 y.o child and we are quite happy and content with him but then hear all the times that you should have two kids. As they grow old they should have company. I know there is no right or wrong answer but those of you who have 2 kids can they please suggest what their thoughts are. I know once you have a child you will love him/her unconditionally but is there one choice better than the other ? Thanks

Re: One vs two kids   desi   08/24/2019 07:20 PM  
Trust me 2 more more kids is the way t go!! Single kid is also great but the more the merrier.. you will have a purpose in life and kids bring emotions, memories and enrichment to life !!

Re: Re: One vs two kids   Kids   08/24/2019 11:49 PM  
(at) desi: thank you for at least trying to be sarcastic, but try harder next time.: Kuch baat si nahi bani-as they say it.

Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   ...   08/26/2019 04:18 PM  
i guess you need to try harder for more kids ...this is called sarcasm....

Re: One vs two kids   urfreind   08/27/2019 08:31 AM  
My two cents is two kids is the way to go. Not only when the grow older, but even in younger age they will have each others, company. When you go on trips vacations etc., having two kids is a boon as they can keep each other busy and you can give more time to each other rather than having to keep the single child occupied. Even at home, two kids will keep each other busy. Of course this comes with additional financial and literal headache due to the siblings fighting and not getting along all the time.

In the end its an individual choice. There is no right or wrong option here. Weigh the pros and cons and ten decide. But, do it quickly. The bigger the gap the less they will have in common and therefore may not spend time with each other that much.

Re: Re: One vs two kids   here   08/27/2019 08:35 AM  
When I am in doubt I always look at what is the popular option. Do we have more couples with 1 or 2 kids? If more and more are choosing 2, then there must be some logic to it. But as the previous poster said, no right or wrong choice. Do what feels right.

Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   My 2 cents   08/27/2019 03:43 PM  
So what if one got injured or handicapped or murder or kidnaped.

Or you your self got handicapped at 50.

But also depends how much money u have.

Re: Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   ...   08/28/2019 09:14 AM  

Re: One vs two kids   A   08/28/2019 10:22 AM  
I am a mom of 2. My elder one is 6 and baby is just 4 months. We also decided to hv 1 child so never tried for second. Although my kid always wanted and asked for a sibling to play with.

But suddenly i lost my father whom i was closest to and inspite of having everyone in my life, i was all alone. Till today i feel all alone. That made me realize that after me and my husband, my kid is going to be all alone and trust me, thats the worst feeling.

Now we are more than happy with a baby and re living our kid's childhood again. Parents cannot stay forever. Two is always better. My kid is crazy for the baby and is always happy. Hope it helps.

As for finances, its a saying at our place that aanewala apni kismat saath lata hai so dont worry.

Re: Re: One vs two kids   desi   08/28/2019 11:44 AM  
(at) A completely agree what you said except the last line. I mean what the hell this is? It means you keep giving birth to babies because "aane wala apni kismat se aata hai". ridiculous...
Dear we need to plan the family. Don't spread such ideas which is dangerous to India (world's most populated country).

Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   Abc   08/28/2019 12:43 PM  
Agree- aanewala apni kismat saath lata hai.

Wealthy child may be not wealthy.
And poor or avg may do better like most people migrated from india are no super rich..

Kids are never financial burden spec in usa (or actually anywhere) if parents are mentally ready and ready to sacrifice some personal time. Kids need more time than money.

Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   A   08/28/2019 12:48 PM  
No, that means if we are not sure if we can handle the second baby financially.

If we plan only one baby only because we cannot afford second's expenses then that's a saying at our place. And im not american to keep on producing 5-6 babies. Im also indian where 1 or max 2 babies are our family.

Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   A   08/28/2019 12:52 PM  
And i clearly wrote that for finances. Family is individual 's choice how big or small they want. Im no one to comment on that.

Re: Re: Re: Re: One vs two kids   Abc   08/28/2019 03:41 PM  
Again, kids are never a financial burden..
And when orignal poster is asking opinion, I am sure she or he already accounted for that. But kids never a burden for money so poor thinking

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